Post-clearance documentation

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    Ed. 2, Amendment 5
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    05 Jun 2013

Once land has been released or cleared of mines and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW), (including unexploded sub-munitions), there is usually an urgent need to make it available for productive use without delay. In some cases the local population will follow-up and occupy land immediately following clearance in order to confirm ownership by re-establishing historic land rights. And at the end of a project, the demining organisation will be keen to re-deploy its demining teams to new sites in accordance with the national priorities.

Despite the pressure to move on, there are some important issues that must be addressed and tasks that must be completed before the land can be considered formally 'cleared' and available for use. In particular, all post-clearance inspections should be completed and any corrective action carried out; permanent survey markers including turning points and intermediate points should be emplaced and accurately recorded for future reference; and all necessary information such as monitoring and inspection reports should be collated and made available for the formal handover. The demining organisation or its nominated community liaison representative shall ensure that details of all demining activities in the area and the implications for the men, women and children are provided to the mine affected community.

The formal handover of cleared land is most important. The procedure and documentation required for the handover aim to clarify the ownership of any residual risk, and to determine the legal responsibilities and accountability of the donor, the National Mine Action Authority (NMAA) and demining organisation(s) following handover.

This standard provides guidance on the procedural requirements for the handover of cleared land.

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