Monitoring of stockpile destruction programmes

  • Version
    Ed. 1, Amendment 6
  • Latest amendment
    01 Jun 2013

An overview of the stockpile destruction process can be achieved through the accreditation and monitoring of destruction organisations before and during the destruction processes, and by the inspection of the explosive safety and verification systems being used.

Most national authorities already have the capability to apply some form of external monitoring. The form and extent of such monitoring varies from country to country, but the aim is similar; to confirm that destruction organisations are applying their approved management processes and operational procedures in a manner that will result in the safe, effective and efficient destruction of stockpiled ammunition including APM. Monitoring is an activity conducted by or on behalf of the national authority. It involves observation, recording and reporting. It is an essential element of the overall quality process.

The aim of this standard is to provide an internationally consistent framework for the implementation of a monitoring system as part of the stockpile destruction process. The goal is to promote a common and consistent approach to the external monitoring of destruction organisations.

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