Management of human remains in mine action

  • Version
    Ed. 1
  • Latest amendment
    17 Jan 2023

Given the intrinsic nature of explosive ordnance, encountering human remains during land release operations can and does occur. Managing human remains is beyond the remit of mine action. However, there is a responsibility for the sector, within its own purview, to help ensure that the dignity of the dead is preserved, and that remains can be recovered and identified by the relevant authorities and agencies. Like other aspects of mine action, having an appropriate allocation of responsibilities as well as clear plans and procedures in place, will help realize these goals. Some initial guidance in this area was provided by the Technical Note for Mine Action (TNMA 10.10/01) published in 2007 and amended in 2013. Further to requests from several NMAAs and earlier work by the International Committee of the Red Cross, it was decided to develop additional guidance in the form of an IMAS chapter.

For the purpose of specific operations, it is possible that both national mine action authorities and mine action organizations will find it necessary to reach out to other disciplines to help them to develop and implement additional measures.


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