Investigation and reporting of accidents and incidents

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    30 Jun 2020

The aim of this standard is to detail specifications and guidance on the minimum requirements for the investigation and reporting of demining accidents and incidents.

Mine action organisations and National Mine Action Authorities (NMAAs) are responsible for investigating and reporting accidents and incidents in a clear, comprehensive, evidence-based and timely manner. Investigations are carried out to find out what happened, identify lessons, and take action to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence.

There are professional, legal and moral obligations on staff at all levels in mine action to reduce the likelihood of harm to the lowest practicable level. Thorough and competent investigation as well as effective reporting of accidents and incidents play an essential part in meeting this objective.

An investigation involves the identification, collection, recording, and analysis of evidence. All factual conclusions concerning any accident or incident shall always be based strictly on evidence.

Investigation of accidents and incidents is a significant responsibility and should be carried out to the highest standards practicable. Organisations should consider not only training and practicing their personnel in evidence based investigation techniques but also detailing clear procedures in a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).


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