Information Management for Mine Action

  • Version
    Ed. 2, Amendment 1
  • Latest amendment
    01 Feb 2020

Information is vital for the effective management of a mine action programmes. Comprehensive and accurate information will lead to more effective and efficient operations as their planning and implementation will be based on facts. Having a comprehensive record of what has been done, where and how it has been monitored, will lead to greater confidence in the quality of the products of mine action activities. To ensure that information is managed effectively and efficiently in the programme it is vital that well-defined and continually improved processes are followed.


Information management (IM) in mine action refers to the process of defining and continually improving information requirements from all relevant stakeholders and to the subsequent collection, validation, storage, analysis and dissemination of timely, accurate and easy-to-access information that meets these requirements. The ultimate goal of IM is to deliver information products to stakeholders. To be effective, IM therefore depends on the close collaboration and involvement of all stakeholders, both internal and external, with an interest in the mine action programme.


This IMAS provides general guidelines for quality management of information in mine action programmes. These guidelines apply to all mine action organisations and are intended to assist in the development and implementation of IM policies, standards and standard operating procedures (SOPs).


The section on organisation describes the roles and responsibilities of the various functional components of mine action organisations, how these organisations should work with their partners and stakeholders, and the policies that should be complied with and documented. It includes recommendations that ensure the involvement of the whole organisation in the management of information, and not just IM personnel.


The section covering resources describes how access to adequate human and technical resources should be ensured. It also describes how staff should be given the opportunity to develop their skills through training.

The section on quality assurance of IM processes describes how the information management unit should ensure that the processes for the management of information are well-defined, adhered to and continually improved. IM processes ensure that information management activities in the programme are performed in a consistent manner with the goal of meeting the requirements of stakeholders.


The section dealing with quality control describes how the IM unit should verify that information quality requirements are met. Quality requirements apply to data collected during activities, data in the information management system, and information products delivered to stakeholders.


This IMAS is complemented with an annex outlining minimum data requirements for mine action. The minimum data requirements define the minimum data necessary for mine action programs to collect in order to fulfil its obligations resulting from relevant standards and conventions.

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