Metal Detectors - Part 1

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    07 May 2003

Metal detectors are an essential part of the toolkit of a humanitarian deminer. Metal detection is one of the few “non-contact” methods available to search for mines in most of the areas of the world where humanitarian mine clearance operations are carried out. Despite the fact that metal detectors have been used for finding mines since the Second World War, there is no universal specification for any performance standards.


Many trials of the capabilities of metal detectors have been performed in recent years, stimulated by the greater international effort to combat the threat posed to civilian populations by mines and unexploded ordnance. However, the lack of an agreed standard for comparing the performance of these instruments has limited the value of this work to the end-users. Without a testing standard, it is difficult to make cross-comparison between instruments to determine which is best-suited to any particular needs.

This CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) has been prepared by CEN Workshop 7, "Humanitarian Mine Action - Test and Evaluation - Metal Detectors" (CW07). CW07 was established with the objective of developing and agreeing on specifications for the testing and evaluation of metal detectors used in humanitarian mine clearance.


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