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Test standardisation for demining machines will support the development of new demining tools and methods and make it easier to compare different existing tools and products. Standardisation will also significantly improve the efficiency of demining programs. The benefits of agreed-upon specifications are world-wide and urgently needed.

The CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) which follows is the result of a Swedish EOD and Demining Center (SWEDEC) initiative, with participation from the Croatian Mine Action Center (CROMAC), Croatian Mine Action Center- Center For Testing, Development and Training (CROMAC-CTDT Ltd) and the Geneva International Center For Humanitarian Demining (GICHD). This result culminated in European Commission funding of a workshop to develop a CWA for testing of mechanical demining machines. The CWA was developed under SWEDEC leadership and secretariat at SIS over four (4) workshop meetings in Sweden and Croatia. The development was supported by the following who provided knowledgeable experts in demining equipment testing: International Test and Evaluation Programme (ITEP), countries: (Canada, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America) and the ITEP Secretariat; two (2) governmental organisations (CROMAC, GICHD); two (2) government agencies ( Swedish Rescue Services Agency (SRSA) , Swedish Defence Research Agency, (FOI); two (2) non-governmental organisations (Norwegian Peoples Aid, International Trust Fund For Demining and Mine Victims Assistance), three (3) equipment manufacturers (Scandinavian Demining Group, DD Special Vehicles Ltd, Dok Ing d.o.o.) and one (1) government laboratory (Bundesanstalt Für Materialprüfung). It was developed within a framework contract between CEN and EU DG AIDCO.

This CWA specifies a systematic and stepwise approach. The reason is from a technical point of view but most important are concerns about the security for personnel. The first task is to provide the terms of reference for comparing present testing techniques and instrumentation and for improving and optimising existing technologies (development or improvement of new mechanical methods, standardisation of test mines, etc.). This CWA is a critical step in the development of new technologies. Having a CWA in place that manufacturers follow would contribute to the credibility of a new product when it is introduced into the market.

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