Explosive Hazard Risk Assessment in Debris Management (Rubble Removal) Operations

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    30 Jul 2018

Debris Management (Rubble Removal) Explosive Hazard Risk Assessment is a risk mitigation process by which the explosive hazard threat within badly damaged urban type environments can be identified, measured, reported on and subsequent mitigation measures can be recommended and implemented.

The purpose of mitigating the explosive hazard risk is to allow for a safer operating environment for workers when processing conflict damaged buildings and structures. This TN deals with the process for mitigating the explosive risk whether the hazard be explosive remnants of war (ERW), improvised explosive devices (IED) or a combination of both. The ultimate purpose of the Explosive Hazard Risk Assessment is to reduce the explosive hazard risk to a manageable level for rehabilitation and reconstruction activities to take place.

No post-conflict environment is risk-free, so risk cannot be totally eliminated, but it can and should be managed. It is the responsibility of the managing agency to ensure that risk mitigation procedures are in place from the onset so to ensure that the risk to all is at a tolerable level.

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