Risk Education for Improvised Explosive Devices

  • Version
    Ed. 1
  • Latest amendment
    19 Mar 2019

This Technical Note for Mine Action (TNMA) is intended to provide guidance on additional factors to be considered when planning and conducting Risk Education (RE) for Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). It is not intended to be a replacement for existing guidelines for RE, such as International Mine Action Standard (IMAS) 12.10. Rather it should be considered as complementary to the general principles set out in IMAS 12.10, and used to take account of certain factors that may present in places where IED have been (or are being used).

This TNMA is primarily concerned with the provision of RE on IED (IED RE) to the local population in affected countries. It is not primarily intended for the provision of safety and security training (referred to here as ‘hazardous area environment training’ (HEAT)) to the staff of international organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGO) or other agencies working in affected countries. There are several organisations who specialise in such training and help on the provision of HEAT training can be sought from any of them. That being said, some of the principles set out in this Technical Note may be of use to organisations wishing to provide appropriate advice to their own personnel.

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