YM-1(B) anti-personnel mine - Technical Description

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The YM-1(B) APM has been recovered from munitions caches in the Middle East. Externally, it appears very similar to the earlier Iranian-produced YM-1 antipersonnel mine, which itself is a copy of the Italian (Tecnovar Italiana SpA produced) TS-50 antipersonnel mine.

However, the YM-1(B) incorporates an apparent safe-arm mechanism heretofore not encountered by most demining organizations. Distribution and employment of both the YM-1 and the YM-1(B) beyond the Middle East is presently unknown.

This information is being provided because the modified YM-1(B) may be encountered during demining and mine clearance operations currently being conducted in Afghanistan2. The modifications may lead many demining organizations to believe that the YM-1 (B) incorporates an antihandling feature.


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