Guidelines on the management of human remains located during mine action operations

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    Ed. 1, Amendment 1
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    01 Jul 2013

From time to time mine action organisations request advice on the management of human remains discovered during operations. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has taken a lead role in guiding actions to resolve the problem of people being unaccounted for as a result of armed conflict or internal violence and in assisting the families of the missing.

This Technical Note for Mine Action (TN) includes recommendations from an ICRC publication, ‘Operational best practices regarding the management of human remains and information on the dead by non-specialists’, written for armed forces and humanitarian organisations and based in International Humanitarian Law (IHL); and from a meeting of experts convened by the ICRC and held in Geneva in June 2005.

Where relevant, National Mine Action Authorities (NMAA) and mine action organisations should incorporate the recommendations and best practices included in this TN into their policies, standards, procedures and operations.

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