Guidance on liquid propellant fuelled systems

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    Ed. 1, Amendment 1
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    01 Jul 2013

There have been recent occasions in Bosnia-Herzegovina1 and Somalia2 involving a requirement to render safe, or certify as safe to move, liquid fuelled missile systems. In addition, a third project is ongoing3, under the auspices of the NATO Partnership for Peace (PfP) programme, for the safe disposal of a liquid bi-propellant in storage.

This Technical Note has been written as an advisory document, to remind, or inform, mine action managers and field staff of the major hazards of liquid fuelled systems. The Technical Note also provides guidance on the establishment of safe operating environments and procedures. It does NOT provide all of the necessary information for the formulation of a render safe procedure; the appropriate technical advice should always be taken.

The clearance of liquid fuelled systems should only be undertaken by appropriately qualified EOD personnel or other qualified staff; it is not a task for basic deminers or other field staff.

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