PMN 3 Anti-personnel Mine — technical description

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    01 Jul 2013

The PMN 3 APM is reported to be in use in Chechnya, but is not likely to be encountered anywhere else.....yet. It utilises the new-shaped casing, so old apple-green, smooth-sided type casings encountered in Cambodia, Afghanistan are unlikely to contain PMN 3 type components.

It is stressed that the information on this munition has only been received from a single source and has yet to be corroborated.

The PMN 3 is reported to be an electronic booby-trapped version of PMN 2, incorporating both anti-handling and self-destruct features. The two mines use the same casing and are externally identical. It is believed that PMN-3 is marked on the side with the Cyrillic designation, but that this marking is often removed before the mine is laid.

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