Guide for the evaluation of mine action interventions

  • Version
    Ed. 1, Amendment 3
  • Latest amendment
    19 Jun 2013

As mine action has developed over recent years there has been increased emphasis in strengthening public sector accountability for mine action, a strong commitment to promote professionalism within the sector and greater importance placed on ‘results based management’ of mine action. This has led to a greater awareness of the benefits of evaluations in providing objective, timely, relevant and accurate feedback on mine action interventions.

This trend has evolved to a stage where consideration of the need for evaluation is a core component of mine action planning. Additionally, many mine action clients and donors are insisting on evaluations as a component of commercial contracts and funding agreements. Evaluations are widely recognised as an important element of mine action and a stage in the project or programme cycle.

The scope of evaluation is vast. Evaluations may be carried out on a mine action policy, programme or project within a mine action programme. Evaluations may be carried out on specific aspects of mine action (Mine Risk Education, MRE, for example). In addition, evaluations may just look at the design, planning and implementation of a project or programme; or may examine all these aspects, including the post implementation impact and sustainability of the intervention.

The aim of this standard is to provide general guidelines for the preparation and conduct of mine action evaluations, and for the reporting, dissemination, and use of evaluation findings, conclusions, lessons and recommendations. It is recognised that many international agencies that commission evaluations have their own evaluation policies and guidelines. These guidelines, which draw from this experience, are not intended to change such policies and procedures.

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