Mine/ERW Risk Education

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    Ed. 2, Amendment 2
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    23 May 2018

Over the last few years the mine action community has taken major steps towards professionalizing mine and explosive remnants of war (ERW) risk education (MRE). A central element in that process has been the development of international standards for MRE by UNICEF, within the framework of the IMAS, which are maintained by UNMAS. In October 2003, UNICEF completed seven MRE standards, which were formally adopted as IMAS in June 2004:

a) IMAS 07.11: Guide for the management of mine risk education;

b) IMAS 07.31: Accreditation of mine risk education organisations and operations;

c) IMAS 07.41: Monitoring of mine risk education programmes and projects;

d) IMAS 08.50: Data collection and needs assessment for mine risk education;

e) IMAS 12.10: Planning for mine risk education programmes and projects;

f) IMAS 12.20: Implementation of mine risk education programmes and projects; and

g) IMAS 14.20: Evaluation of mine risk education programmes and projects.

Since their adoption in 2004 the MRE IMAS, like the rest of IMAS, have set a global framework based on which national standards and other technical notes have been developed by countries and programmes. In March 2008, the IMAS Review Board endorsed a recommendation by UNICEF that the IMAS on MRE should be reviewed by the International MRE Advisory Group- which was in the process of being formed-before submission to the board for final approval. In May 2009, at the first meeting of International MRE Advisory Group, co-convened by UNICEF and the GICHD, members of the group agreed that the seven existing standards should be replaced with a new, single standard on MRE (the document presented herein).

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