National planning guidelines for stockpile destruction

  • Version
    Ed. 2, Amendment 6
  • Latest amendment
    01 Jun 2013

The general principles and guidelines for the technical aspects of the stockpile destruction of Anti-Personnel Mines (APM) are covered in IMAS 11.10, which also includes an overview of the use of industrial demilitarization technology. Technical standards and guidelines for the use of Open Burning and Open Detonation (OBOD) as a destruction technique are covered in IMAS 11.20. This standard specifically focuses on the development of national policy and the management of explosive ordnance (EO) stockpile destruction by national authorities and destruction organisations. It is based on information also contained within IATG 10.10 Destruction and demilitarization.

EO stockpile destruction can be carried out by different types of organisations, such as commercial companies, national mine action teams or military units. Despite differences in approach, common core activities exist, which carry common responsibilities and it is these that are explored in this standard.

Stockpile destruction is the process of final conversion of munitions and explosive ordnance into an inert state whereby they can no longer function as designed1. The effective management of stockpile destruction planning and operational activities aims to physically destroy EO in a safe, cost effective and efficient manner. This is achieved by developing and applying appropriate management processes, by establishing and continuously improving the skills of managers and workers, by obtaining accurate and timely technical information on the technical specifications and physical condition of the EO, by applying safe and effective operational procedures, and by using appropriate and efficient equipment. However, management is not just about planning and supervising current tasks; it is also about reviewing current practices and procedures to improve safety, effectiveness and efficiency.

The process and procedures that aim to achieve this continuous improvement to an organisation's management system and operational practices are commonly referred to as Quality Management (QM). One method of demonstrating QM for an organisation is to become ISO 9000 compliant. There is a great deal of general information and training material available for national authorities and destruction organisations who may choose to adopt the ISO 9000 approach. This approach is covered in detail in IMAS 07.10 - Guide for the management of demining operations, but it has also been adapted for stockpile destruction and included in this IMAS.


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