Guide for the destruction of stockpiled anti-personnel mines

  • Version
    Ed. 2, Amendment 6
  • Latest amendment
    01 Jun 2013

Article 4 of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (APMBC) (MBT) requires that signatories undertake to destroy or ensure the destruction of all stockpiled anti-personnel mines it owns or possesses, or that are under its jurisdiction or control, as soon as possible but not later than four years after the entry into force of the MBT for that State Party. The existing APM stockpiles tend to be large in quantity, but relatively small in terms of weight and Net Explosive Content (NEC); however, the destruction of these stockpiles can be a complex logistic operation.

The physical destruction techniques available range from the relatively simple Open Burning and Open Detonation (OBOD) techniques to highly sophisticated industrial processes. This IMAS seeks to inform national authorities only of the technical and logistic issues involved in Ant-Personnel Mine (APM) stockpile destruction. There are so many inter-relational factors involved in APM stockpile destruction that it is not possible to provide ‘template solutions’.

The selection of the most suitable technique or technology by a national authority will depend primarily on the resources available, the physical condition and quantity of the stockpile, the national capacity and the applicable environmental and explosives legislation. The most influential factor is likely to be economies of scale, in that the more APM that are requiring destruction, the larger the economies of scale, and therefore the wider range of available technology. Consequently, national authorities may wish to consider APM destruction on a regional basis in order to achieve the large economies of scale.

This IMAS is complementary to that of IATG 10.10 Demilitarization and destruction, which should now be used as the primary guidance when considering the destruction of APM. IATG 10.10 provides comprehensive information for the destruction of all ammunition natures, including APM and cluster munitions. This IMAS now only covers the more specific APM related aspects of ammunition destruction or demilitarization.

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