About IMAS

The International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) are the standards in force for all mine action operations.

They were initially endorsed by the UN Inter-Agency Coordination Group on Mine Action on 26 September 2001. The standards were designed through a progressive series of consultative activities involving a broad spectrum of mine action stakeholders.

The IMAS series is maintained and developed following the same principles of inclusiveness and has continued to evolve over the past seventeen years, ensuring that the standards representing international best practice remain fit for purpose even as operating environments change. 

Standards are also available for download in Microsoft Word for those using a login account .

IMAS Secretariat email address: imas(at)gichd.org

IMAS Development and Amendments

The development of IMAS will continue and both new standards, when formulated, and updates to existing standards will appear on this website.

An IMAS Review Board oversees the continuous review process for IMAS. The Board consists of individuals from a broad collection of organisations/groups, donors and specialties, who themselves represent a broad cross section of the humanitarian mine action community. The IMAS Review Board is the highest level at which technical input to IMAS is debated and agreed.

Updates are incorporated into the documents and then recorded in an amendment table at the end of a standard. The title page displays the latest amendment numbers for individual chapters, indicating how many changes have been made since the original edition was approved. 

Substantive changes require formal approval by the IMAS Steering Group and adoption by the UN Inter-Agency Coordination Group (IACG-MA). Where changes have been agreed by the IMAS Review Board, but not yet adopted at higher level, they are displayed in the library as ‘draft’ documents.

Non-English Versions of IMAS

A number of standards have been translated into different languages. Most of these are regarded as "unofficial" because they have not been endorsed by a UN-approved translation service, but they are believed to be accurate translations. Readers should check which date, edition and amendment number the translation refers to, as a later version in English may have been produced.

Some IMAS have been translated into Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, French, Russian, Persian and Spanish.

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