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10 June 2024

Now Available | TNMA 09.50/01 Guidance on the application of mechanical land release

We are excited to announce the release of the latest edition of the IMAS Technical Note for Mine Action (TNMA) on the application of mechanical land release. This second edition represents a significant overhaul of the previous version and provides valuable insights and practical guidance for professionals in the field. To access the latest edition of the IMAS Technical Note for Mine Action, simply click here.

What's Inside?
The new TNMA delves into the world of mechanical land release, offering a comprehensive overview of how to utilize various types of machinery and attachments in the land release process. It covers three main types of activities:

  1. Destroying Hazards: Learn about machines and attachments specifically designed to effectively destroy hazards encountered in mine action.
  2. Detecting Hazards: Discover the latest tools and techniques used to detect hazards, ensuring safety and efficiency in mine action operations.
  3. Preparing the Ground: Gain valuable knowledge on machines and attachments used to prepare the ground, creating a safe environment for subsequent activities.

Wide Range of Machinery
The TNMA not only focuses on machines purpose-built for mine action but also explores the utilization of commercial construction, demolition, and agricultural machines that have been modified for mine action purposes. This wide range of machinery expands the possibilities and options available to professionals in the field.

Practical Examples
To help you better understand the application of machines in different operating environments, the TNMA provides numerous practical examples. These examples cover various scenarios, including working with different soil types, vegetation, and types of explosive ordnance (EO), while taking into consideration their specific conditions.