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1 November 2023

Now Available | IMAS 13.10 "Victim assistance in mine action" in French and Arabic

IMAS 13.10, on "Victim Assistance in Mine Action," has been translated into Arabic and French for wider accessibility and global outreach.

Translations Now Available!
You can now access the Arabic and French versions of IMAS 13.10 on the official IMAS website. Click [here] to explore the IMAS.

Why is this important?
By making IMAS 13.10 available in multiple languages, we aim to ensure that the vital information it contains reaches a broader audience. This will greatly contribute to enhancing victim assistance efforts in mine action worldwide.

What is IMAS 13.10 about?
IMAS 13.10 delves into the critical topic of victim assistance in mine action, providing an integrated approach for supporting individuals affected by explosive ordnance. The standard explores various ways in which mine aciton can aid in addressing the unique challenges faced by victims and promoting their well-being.

Join the Movement!
We encourage all stakeholders, including mine action practitioners, humanitarian organizations, government agencies, and individuals passionate about victim assistance, to take advantage of these translated versions. T

Spread the Word!
Help us expand the reach of IMAS 13.10 by sharing this news with your colleagues, friends, and networks. By doing so, you will play a crucial role in raising awareness and promoting the importance of victim assistance in mine action.

Stay tuned for more updates and resources from the IMAS community.