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Now Available | Amended IMAS 09.30 Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)

Amedment 6 to the second edition of IMAS 09.30 includes the following amendments:

− Amendments to EOD levels, and revised EOD qualification level 3+ modules. (see section 4.2 d)

− Amendment to reflect flexibility for individual demining organizations to authorize in writing Level 3 EOD staff to conduct demolitions above 50 kg at their discretion. (see section 4.2 d)

− Amendment to reflect February 2019 changes to IMAS 04.10 concerning use of “render safe” rather than “neutralize”. (see section 4.5)

− Minor amendment to reflect the requirement for demining organizations to certify EOD levels in writing of operational staff. (see section subclause 5.3)

− Addition of the word “shall” to level 1 and 2 definitions. (see section 4.2.)

− Individuals shall now maintain EOD log. (see subclause 4.2)

− Addition of new Annex B suggested EOD log format.

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