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New IMAS on Quality Management and more

July 2016


A new IMAS 07.12 on quality management in mine action has been adopted by the IMAS Review Board. It has now been published here for public review as a “draft edition” pending the UN-IACG endorsement. The draft standard adopts language and structure similar to the newest version of ISO 9000, issued at the end of 2015. It provides guidelines for the implementation of a quality management system (QMS) for mine action programmes and organisations. It is primarily intended for application by the national mine action authorities and national mine action centres, but its principles remain valid for, and should be used to form the basis of, internal QMS employed by mine action organisations. It has a longer introduction that sets out general principles of quality management, applicable to all activities associated with the different pillars of mine action.  Reference is also made to PSSM, ASM and SALW. The main body of the standard sets out the minimum requirements for a mine action QMS. The draft IMAS should be readily usable by managers within individual organisation to inform their own approach to QM as well as by the national authorities aiming to establish national standards.

Additionally, new translations of IMAS, Technical Notes and Test & Evaluation protocols are available in Arabic, French, Ukrainian and Russian.





Further, minutes of the IMAS Review Board meeting held on 15 February 2016 are now available.  

Finally, please find the newly updated United Nations Policy on Victim Assistance in Mine Action here.

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