Animal Detection Systems - Principles, Requirements and Guidelines

  • Version
    Third Edition
  • Creation
    19 Mar 2019

A system is made up of interacting processes. An Animal Detection System (ADS) includes processes ranging from the breeding, selection and training of animals, through accreditation and operational testing, veterinary and welfare support, to operational survey and clearance activities, and the use of performance data to maintain confidence in the validity of the system as a whole and of the outputs it delivers.

An ADS comprises the animals, handlers, supervisors, managers, policies and procedures, health and logistic support, training and monitoring, that are combined to offer a reliable means of detecting Explosive Ordnance1 (EO). As with any tool used for explosives detection, ADS must meet this standard, providing stakeholders confidence that EO will be detected if present.

Animals, most commonly dogs and rats, have been used for a considerable period of time as detection tools. Their use for odour detection is widespread, encompassing applications relevant to the military, the police, border control, health, emergency response, humanitarian aid, environmental management, and more. The term ADS includes systems using Mine Detection Dogs (MDD) and Mine Detection Rats (MDR) as well as other animals, should circumstances arise where their utility in detecting EO justifies their deployment on mine action tasks.

The collection, analysis and transparent dissemination of comprehensive, quality-managed data detailing the performance of ADS, as part of a consistent and overarching quality management, accreditation and monitoring system, is the means by which confidence is maintained in the performance of ADS used in mine action.

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