Reporting & investigation of demining incidents

  • Version
    Ed. 1, Amendment 6
  • Creation
    23 May 2018

The need to report and investigate demining incidents in a clear, comprehensive and timely manner is an essential part of mine action management. The aim of an investigation is to identify problems or opportunities to improve the safety and quality of the demining process.

The effective management and supervision of mine action programmes will reduce the likelihood of harm, but there will always be the potential for demining incidents to occur. There are legal and moral obligations on managers at all levels in mine action to ensure that the likelihood of harm is reduced to the lowest realistic levels. Effective reporting and the thorough investigation of demining incidents can play an essential part in meeting this objective. Information collected and presented in a clear and accessible format will contribute to the ‘lessons learned’ process, assisting emergency response, improving the quality of the demining process and reducing the likelihood of future demining accidents.

The aim of this standard is to provide specifications and guidance on the minimum requirements for the reporting and investigation of demining incidents. The document is in three parts: clauses 1 to 3 define the scope, references and terms used in the standard; clauses 4 and 5 define the requirements, specifications and responsibilities; and the Annexes provide additional detailed information and guidance on how the standard can be applied.

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