Operational procedures for Mine Detection Dogs

  • Version
    Ed. 2, Amendment 3
  • Creation
    23 May 2018

Mine Detection Dogs (MDD) can be used in many different roles within mine action programmes. They are best at working in areas where there are low concentrations of mines. As such, they are well suited for activities such as mine and ERW, including unexploded sub- munitions verification; area cancellation and delineation of boundaries; clearance of roads and road verges; clearance verification, including the rapid sampling of cleared areas (Quality Control (QC)), which can be done after both manual and mechanical demining; clearance or elimination of pockets of land unreachable to mechanical demining equipment; clearance of railways and sites heavily contaminated with metal; and creation of safe lanes for clearance start points.

Due to the many ways of using MDD, and the variety of demining scenarios in which they could be utilised, it is not possible to establish uniform standards that can be applied under all circumstances. There are, however, many common principles that can be applied to all MDD operations. This standard provides guidance about general and specific principles, which must be considered when establishing operational procedures for MDD. It is specific in areas where a common global practice has evolved, and general in areas where this has not yet happened.

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