Competencies required for animal detection systems (ADS) handlers, team leaders and instructors

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    22 Nov 2022

Animal detection systems (ADS) are a tool that may be used in land release processes for technical survey (TS) and clearance. ADS is a generic term but only dogs and rats are currently in operational use. IMAS 09.40 provides principles, requirements and guidelines on ADS. IMAS 09.41 explains principal operational procedures for ADS. IMAS 07.31 explains the process of accreditation and operational testing of animal detection systems and handlers. All three IMAS focus primarily on ADS deployment and test procedures but there is no focus on the competencies of handlers, team leaders and instructors. However, ADS is well integrated in the commercial mine action sector where formal competence of all staff is a key constituent for evaluation of tenders.

Since there are no formalized skills requirements for ADS handlers and instructors, this T&EP has been developed to provide structured information about general competencies required to qualify ADS handlers, team leaders and instructors for their work.

This T&EP builds on experience within and outside the mine action sector to define a set of required skills, or competencies, that staff must possess to be considered IMAS-compliant ADS handlers and ADS instructors. Such skills can be obtained in different ways, some through formal training courses and some through work experience (training on site).


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