T&EP EOD Competency Standards

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    30 Oct 2014

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) competency standards were first defined in IMAS 09.30. The CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) 15464:2005 EOD Competency Standards provided a foundation for the mine action community to develop capabilities and policy. This was then adopted within IMAS as best practice. The CWA specified EOD Competency Standards for levels 1-3, and also referred to a Level 4 qualification in general terms but no competency requirements were included at this level.

As post-conflict explosive hazards have evolved there is a greater need to broaden the scope of the EOD competency standards by defining the requirements at levels 1-3 and formalising a new Level 3+ standard which covers specialist EOD activities above those within the level 1-3 capability. This includes the requirement to cover Improvised Explosive Devices, munitions with secondary hazards and chemical EO, all of which have been used in recent or current conflicts.

The aim of this document is to build upon the original CWA foundation and to update the competency requirements for levels 1-3 to meet the new requirements for mine action organisations that are operating or likely to operate in these more complex environments. It does not provide specific technical guidance for the disposal of particular EO.

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