Accreditation of Mine Action Orgs — application documentation

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IMAS 09.10 specifies the methods of achieving clearance quality by adopting a two stage approach. Stage 1 (quality assurance) involves the accreditation and monitoring of the demining organisation, before and during the clearance process. Stage 2 (quality control) involves the inspection of cleared land before it is formally released to the beneficiary for use.

Most national mine action authorities already apply some form of accreditation procedures. The form and extent of such accreditation varies from country to country, but the aim is similar; to establish and confirm the quality of demining organisations, including those with specialist capabilities such as mine detection dogs or mechanically-assisted demining. Accreditation is also needed for those organisations involved in quality assurance and post-clearance quality control.

IMAS 07.30 - Accreditation lays down the requirements for the accreditation of demining organisations by national mine action authorities, or their representatives. A wide range of factors are included, but no recommended documentation layout was included. (Licensing is a separate process, which is the official authorisation by a national mine action authority for a demining organisation to conduct specific technical tasks).

Following requests from the field, UNOPS developed a “template” accreditation application model. This has since been further refined, and is now distributed in this Technical Note.

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